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In Space Crusade you take up the role as a Private in the Earth Alliance Outer Space Military who has been drafted and forced to captain a ship after a race of unknown aliens almost forces Humanity into extinction. You are given a ship with basic armaments and a crew of new recruits. Your mission is simple; discover who these aliens are and do what is necessary to mete out justice upon them.

The game will have an Eve-Online/X Universe feel to it. Much like Skyrim, you will be prodded into the main quest line but you are not required to follow it at all. You will be able to do many things in Space Crusade. You can play your role as one of the Earth Alliance's last hopes at revenge against the Juslorth. Or, if you have a pension for wanderlust, you can set out with your ship and crew and try to create your own empire and alter the balance of power in the universe. Maybe you have more humble ambitions. Make your way as a miner, engineer, or trader. Or aspire to greater things and build a trade confederation that will compete with rivals.

The possibilities are endless but so are the dangers.  Many of your actions will effect some aspects of the game:

If you manage to destroy an empire and take over their territory for the Earth Alliance or anyone else, the balance of power will be shifted and old alliances will fall apart or flourish. Help return the Earth Alliance to its former glory and deal with the Sluikan's once and for all. Or perhaps destroy a rival corporation's trade depots and watch their stock plummet.

But be careful, negative actions will reflect with your relationship with those entities. If you get on Muso Galexicon's bad side they might send a saboteur to hack your production lines or cripple your mining operations. Other nations may declare war on yours or put a bounty on your head leaving you at the mercy of the bounty hunters and pirates looking for a quick meal ticket.

Explore the universe, expand known space, and uncover wondrous sights and dangers....

Currently we are in the alpha stages of development for our text-version of the game. Think of it as a verbose back end for the 3D version of the game.  Any help we can get in bug testing it will be appreciated!

All version before 1.0A will be free to download!  From 1.0A and after the price for access to the continued alpha/beta development will be $5.  The purchase also gets you a 65% discount on the full game once it is completed.  This cost will help cover the cost of the license for the engine we will use (Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine, Torque3D (if this then no price increase after 1.0A), or Unity). 

For more information check out the official Space Crusade website at http://ov.lmpgames.com !

Install instructions

Unzip/Unrar the installer and run the installer.  The ReadMe contains some important information about the version of the game you have downloaded, please check this before reporting any bugs and also has some basic troubleshooting for issues.  If you run into something not covered, please let us know!


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